PrinceACE Corporation was established in August 31, 1995 with the vision of building a company that will deliver a more reliable conveying system for bulk handling needs of the Mining, Cement and Power Industries.

The company works closely with Conveyor Design Engineering (Australia) and JLV Industries (Australia) in providing engineering solution and quality products to improve conveyor efficiency for either Conventional Trough Conveyor or Cable Hauled Conveyor.
For 20 years now, PrinceACE has grown into a ONE-STOP Shop conveyor supplier with her representations of world known conveyor equipment like Flexible Lacing Co. (FLEXCO), Nilos Asia, Yokohama conveyor belting and quality conveyor rollers.

Our reputation to produce high quality splice either by hot or cold vulcanizing, pulley lagging and conveyor belt installation and replacement has gained accolades from all our clients because of our quick response and fast execution under strict safety standards.

While PrinceACE is your first option for conveyor needs, the company has supplied vibrating screens, valves, mine underground roof supports and casting items for Mills.



To develop the company as the “Leader in Conveyor Technology” in the Country by delivering Quality Conveyor Equipment & Parts and providing Engineering Solutions relative to conveyor efficiency improvement.

• Continual Design Improvements of our product in collaboration with our Clients, Staff Engineers & Principals to solve customer’s problems and remain globally competitive.

• Applying the best Marketing Tools to promote our product & services such as Maintenance Consultancy & Contracting, Upgrading & Re-engineering works.

• Exercise high standard maintenance practices and principles in the pursuit of excellence.



HONESTY. All transactions are free from fraud and all dealings are free from deceptions. Discussions and communications are data-driven and all motives kept above board

INTEGRITY. This is the basis of trust. Employees must make their deeds follow their words. Keep their actions in line with their values.

EXCELLENCE. To recognize the quest for quality is a never-ending process. This is a conscious effort to achieve the best results in one’s work, along with a commitment to make available the highest quality products and to provide the best possible service to customers.

CONCERN FOR PEOPLE. Respect for the dignity and honor of every member of the organization, their right to personal and professional growth, and their aspirations for meaningful and satisfying work.